Joining laboratory


Joining systems for the generation of material-locking connections for electrical contacting and various small parts applications.


Ultrasonic metal welding system with dynamic process control

  • 20 kHz / 4 kW High-frequency generator, linear oscillator system, max. amplitude 25µm
  • Storage and visualization of process-relevant data at PC station
  • Applications: Welding of foils, sheets (0.01 to 1 mm) and cables (up to 35 mm²) to sheets made of common conductor materials such as Al and Cu

Micro plasma welding system

  • welding current range: micro plasma from 0.06 to 50 A; WIG from 0.6 to 50 A
  • Manual and automated micro plasma and TIG fine welding with/without pulses
  • Applications: fine wire meshes and fittings, foils (from 0.01 mm)

Micro electron beam welding machine

  • 60 kV / 2 kW electron generator, image of the workpiece via REM mode 
  • Complex welding sequences programmable, teach-in function
  • Applications: Surface structuring, homogeneous/heterogeneous fine and micro welding seams; component structures from the fields of precision engineering, electrical engineering, etc.

As a research institute, the ISF also has various systems for resistance, laser beam, arc and friction stir welding.

Research goals

  • Analysis of various machine-, workpiece- and environment-related parameters on the welding process and its reproducibility 
  • Material-locking connections for electrotechnical applications
  • Generation and optimization of mixed compounds
  • Verification of process-related binding mechanisms
  • Ageing behaviour of various welded joints
  • Inspection/quality determination of joining joints

Funding agencies

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