Formation Plant


Activation of the lithium-ion pouch cell by initial charging and discharging.


  • Fully automatic execution of the formation process:
  • Number of test circuits: 2
  • Charging voltage range: 0 V - 150 V
  • discharge voltage range: 150 V - 0 V
  • Charge current range: 0.03 A - 25 A
  • discharge current range: 0.03 A - 25 A
  • Accuracy in % of final value: ± 0.1
  • Resolution (U,I): ± 15 bit
  • Handling of the cells on product carriers
  • Plant designed for parallel formation of cells (up to 32 cells)
  • Speed and duration of charging and discharging process programmable according to cell type
  • Continuous data acquisition (voltage, contact resistance) and temperature monitoring of each individual cell
  • Integrated safety system for automatic shutdown of the formation process in case of thermal passage of the cell

Research goals

  • Intelligent design of the formation control system to reduce energy consumption.
  • Optimization of the contact pins through active cooling and damage-free contacting of the cells.
  • Minimization of contact resistance to improve energy efficiency during charging cycles.
  • Maximization of safety in the formation process through optimized handling and transport concept.

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