Load test bench for the characterization of electric motors.


  • Precise quantification of typical engine characteristics
  • Endurance test of electric drive and inverter

Measurement with high speed load machine

  • Maximum speed: 18.020min-1
  • Maximum torque: 275Nm
  • Maximum power: 140kW
  • Maximum current: 800A
  • Maximum voltage: 700V

  • Determination of the efficiency map
  • Acoustic measurement using acceleration sensors
  • Digital recording of torque and speed
  • Insulation measurement of machine windings
  • Automated evaluation of results via NI PXI system
  • Machine bed decoupled from structure-borne noise with 5 t carrying capacity

Research goals

  • Reduction of losses to maximize efficiency
  • Detection of machine deformation
  • Evaluation of environmental influences 
  • Thermal validation of the electric drive 
  • Improvement of the acoustic noise development
  • Optimization of motor control
  • Identification and reduction of ageing phenomena

Funding agencies

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